MultiSmart & Probes

MultiSmart intelligent Pump Station Manager & RTU


The MultiSmart intelligent Pump Station Manager is the new face of technology for monitoring and control of water and wastewater Pump Stations. MultiSmart is a comprehensive and easy to use replacement for pump controllers, PLC's and RTU's backed by a 5-year warranty and free software upgrades for the life of the product.

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Ultra-Reliable Liquid Level Sensing Probe

3 Probes Reduced Size

The FailSafe Probe comes in a variety of lengths with 10-sensors, 3-sensors or single sensor. Custom probes are also available.

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Current Transformers & Current Shunts

CTs Both 1

Current Transformers and Current Shunts work in conjunction with the MultiSmart intelligent Pump Station Manager and MonitorPro to provide high level motor protection and monitoring.

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The DuoProbe combines the proven technology of the 10-sensor FailSafe Probe with an added 4-20mA Pressure Transducer in one device. When used with the MultiSmart it allows for greater granularity of measurement, device arbitration and failover, time-to-spill functionality, and increased levels of operational trending data. 

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Mounting Brackets

mtak 1 standard mounting bracket

The Standard Mounting Bracket Kit is supplied with all multi-sensor Probes. The Mounting Bracket Kit includes a built-in integral squeegee for easy probe cleaning.

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Intrinsically Safe Barrier


Multitrode's Intrinsically Safe Barrier is certified instrinsically safe for operation in hazardous applications and are approved to be used only with Multitrode probes and controllers. 

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Pressure Transducer

Pressure Transducer 11282012

Multitrode's Pressure Transducer is used to sense level in applications where the liquid is non-conductive¬ or when¬ a high level of resolution is required.¬ It is supplied complete with a closed vent for reliable measurement in varying conditions.

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MTR Family - Level Control Relays



Multitrode's MTR Family of Level Control Relays ensure ultra-reliable, maintainence-free level control.

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SafeSmart - FailSafe Relay Backup Controllers


Multitrode's SafeSmart Backup Controllers provide a complete backup solution including pump control, level alarm, and pump thermal/seal protection for Pump Stations.

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