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The DuoProbe combines the proven technology of the 10-sensor FailSafe Probe with an added 4-20mA Pressure Transducer in one device. When used with the MultiSmart it allows for greater granularity of measurement, device arbitration and failover, time-to-spill functionality, and increased levels of operational trending data.

The DuoProbe combines the proven reliability of the Multitrode level-sensing probe with the accuracy of a pressure transducer.

The Power of Two - Level Sensing Probe & Pressure Sensing in One Convenient Device!


Designed for use with the MultiSmart intelligent Pump Station Manager, the DuoProbe offers the proven benefits of the probe:

  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Unaffected by grease, foam, or turbulence
  • Installed with out entering the pit
  • Visual set points for operators

And with the DuoProbe.....

  • Atmospheric compensation without troublesome breather tubes
  • Dual-level redundancy
  • Level measurement to two decimal places
  • Smart set-up wizard using advanced algorithms for reliability in all adverse conditions
  • Time-to-spill indicators
  • The ability to measure the water level in the entire well with one probe


  • High resolution level reading is very useful in VFD systems, or any system, where monitoring small changes in level is desirable
  • Ability to monitor the liquid level after it has exceeded the top of the Probe - especially significant in emergency conditions
  • Exact measurements and accuracy
  • Particular useful to sites with SCADA because Operators can determine which well(s) are at their highest levels and dispatch emergency generator equipment accordingly
  • Reduced call-outs
  • VFD compatible for greater energy savings

DuoProbe Specifications

IP RATING IP68 to 15m for life of product
SUBMERSION 20m max. (recommended
WATER TEMP Range: 0-40 degrees C
CABLE TEMP Range: -40-80 degrees C
TRANSDUCER 4-20mA, 70-220kPa