Ultra-Reliable Liquid Level Sensing Probe

3 Probes Reduced Size

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The FailSafe Probe comes in a variety of lengths with 10-sensors, 3-sensors or single sensor. Custom probes are also available.

Key Features

  • Virtually no maintenance required
  • Simple installation from outside the sump
  • Easy visibility of start and stop points
  • Virtually unaffected by fat, oil, grease, debris and foam
  • Excellent in turbulent sumps
  • Safe, low sensing voltage

Probe Installed

How reliable is it?                                                   

10 year warranty

Ultra-reliable! There are no moving parts and no electronics, so it will last for 20+ years. That's why it has a 10-year warranty! No other liquid level sensor comes close.

What control devices can use it?

  • Anything that measures conductivity. The control device should apply a low AC voltage (10-12 volts recommended) to each sensor and measure conductivity to ground:
  • For Pump Stations under water/wastewater utility control - try the MultiSmart intelligent Pump Station Manager.
  • For smaller sumps and storm water applications with 2 pumps where no monitoring is required - the MTDPC pump controller is available.
  • For 1 and 2 pump applications with no alternation - use the MTIC.
  • For the simplest control - try the MTR Family of relays.
  • For ultra-reliable high level, use the FailSafe Probe with the Safe-FS Level Alarm Relay.

What skills are needed to install a Probe?

Probe installation is easy! Simply lower the Probe into the well suspended by its own cable using the mounting kit supplied. Install near the inflow, not in the quietest part of the well.

How do I calibrate it?

No calibration is required. No waiting for the well to empty and fill. You choose the start, stop and alarm points and you can see where they are.

How much maintenance does it need?                                                        

Very little, if any. Install it near the inflow and it stays relatively clean. If there is any build-up, it occurs on the activation sensor and rarely affects operation.


Picture of Probe Getting CleanedThis Probe was still fully operational despite the build-up. The operator is pulling the Probe through the standard cleaning bracket to clean off the build-up. The mounting bracket shown is supplied as standard with all multi-sensor Probes and includes the cleaning bracket. 


Ball Float with Rags


FailSafe probes replace ball floats weighed down by rags. 



 More questions?

See the Installation and Troubleshooting Guide.

Probe with (optional) extender bracket.

Probe with extender bracket