MTR Family - Level Control Relays


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Multitrode's MTR Family of Level Control Relays ensure ultra-reliable, maintainence-free level control.

Liquid Level Control Relay Simple, Reliable and Effective - use the MTR with Multitrode's FailSafe Ultra-Reliable liquid level sensing probes and in the worst kind of liquids:

  • Wastewater
  • Stormwater
  • Industrial Effluent
  • Sullage Pits

Adjustable conductivity settings and delays ensure flexibility that other systems lack.


Multitrode Relays (MTR) are a conductive liquid level control Relay with programming features for charge / discharge operation, four sensitivities and eight time delays, suitable  for on/ off control of a single device such as a pump, alarm, or solenoid. They control one pump in fill (pump up) and empty (pump down) applications.


Multitrode Relays with Alarm are a 1-pump, plus 1-alarm conductive control relay. They are suitable for on / off control of two devices such as a pump and an alarm or solenoid. These relays can only be used in discharge applications. 


Redundant Backup Systems consist of an MTR or MTRA and two single sensor Probes. It is a complete solution for simple applications.