Other Controllers

Pump Station Control Panels


Multitrode designs and builds Control Panels for pump control in irrigation systems, sewage, transfer pumping, wastewater lift stations, pump houses, pump chambers, septic tanks, sand filters, pond aerations and fountain control.

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MTIC - Indicator Controller

MTIC 12282012

Multitrode's Indicator Controller (MTIC) connects the Multitrode Probe to a PLC, RTU or dedicated pump controller system.

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MTDPC - Basic Pump Controller


The MTDPC is a compact two-pump and two-alarm controller for both empty (pump down) and fill (pump up) applications, for use with the Multitrode Probe.

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MT2PC & MT3PC Advanced Pump Controller


The MT2PC & MT3PC Family provides pump control for up to 9 pumps with an operator interface for operating pumps, resetting alarms, pump alternation and station configuration.

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VFD Pump Controller

VFD 12282012

Multitrode's VFD series of controllers provide simple commissioning and operation. A single analog output from the Pump Controller is used to control multiple VFD drives in the installation.

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The MonitorPro helps municipal authorities meet EPA requirements by providing preventative maintenance information and warning of impending problems.

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Control & Diagnostics Software

cds software picture 12282012

The MTCDS enables programming of Pump Controllers and Monitor Pro's. Additional capability includes historical reporting, remote indication, pump status, and downloading of data logs from Monitor Pro.

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MODBUS/DNP3 Protocol Translator

Modbus DNP3 Protocol Translator

Multitrode's Protocol Translator converts the Multitrode protocol on the MT2PC Family and MonitorPro to MODBUS or DNP3 protocols for integration into any SCADA system.

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Redundant Backup Systems


Ultra-reliable liquid level control system for sumps and small pump well applications, this solution consists of a single sensor Probe and an MTR Family relay.

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