Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I have just installed an MTR2 and a Multitrode Probe and the pumps won't turn on.

A1: If it is installed in a plastic tank, make sure there is an earth reference rod installed, bonded back to the earth terminal.

A2: Disconnect the Probe temporarily from the control device, then ground the relevant input and ensure that the control device responds as you expect. If it does, the control device is functioning. Either the Probe is not grounded, the liquid is not conductive, or the wrong Probe sensors are wired in.

Q: How do I power the MultiSmart?

A: The unit is powered by a DC supply of 12-27 VDC. The AC inputs on the unit are purely for monitoring purposes.

Q: Can I connect Floats to the MultiSmart?

A: Yes. You can connect other level devices - the Multitrode conductive Probe or any 4-20mA device such as an ultrasonic or a pressure transducer.

Q: How do you wire the Probe into the MultiSmart?

A: Sensor 10 being the bottom of the Probe and Sensor 1 being the top. Wire Sensor 10 to DIN 11, Sensor 9 to DIN 10, Sensor 8 to DIN 9, Sensor 7 to DIN 8, Sensor 6 to DIN 7, Sensor 5 to DIN 6, Sensor 4 to DIN 5, Sensor 3 to DIN 4, Sensor 2 to DIN 3 and Sensor 1 to DIN 2.

Q: Can the MultiSmart communicate to my SCADA system?

A: If your SCADA system can communicate DNP3 or MODBUS, then the answer is Yes. This means that MultiSmart connects to any SCADA system - Wonderware, RSView, Citect, Intellution, Cimplicity, Iconics Genesis32, ClearSCADA, Trihedral and many more. To learn more about Communications, click here.

Q: How can I troubleshoot specific products?

A: Under Resources, you will find Product Manuals and Troubleshooting to assist you.

Q: How can I get technical assistance with applications?

A: Go to the Contact Us page to contact your regional Multitrode office.

Q: I upgraded my firmware and I am getting a Probe Fail Safe Error. What is causing this?

A: The latest firmware will upgrade your probe configuration to include Fail Safe operation. If your probe is not a Fail Safe probe you will need to disable this feature.

Q: How do I buy Multitrode products?

A: Access the Partners page to locate where products are sold in your region.